About Rose Perri & Associates

ROSE PERRI & ASSOCIATES INC. is an outdoor resource destination for architects, interior designers, and landscape architects. Our team works with internationally renowned architects, interior designers, landscape professionals, and developers with the goal of providing an exclusive tailored collection for their clients. We offer a unique, specialized collection of outdoor furnishings, sunshade solutions, custom planters and landscape features.

Our goal is to provide our client’s with a seamless outdoor living experience.

Founded a decade ago ROSE PERRI & ASSOCIATES INC. has been providing outdoor living resources to the professional client so they can create outstanding and unique outdoor spaces.

We deliver world sources brands, sunshade solutions, wind resistant umbrellas, custom planters, landscape features to the A & D, Landscape community for condos, rooftops, hospitality, resorts and residential projects.

A one stop outdoor resource, we offer our clients of tailored service including managing, procurement, logistics, installation and delivery to final destination.

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ROSE PERRI & ASSOCIATES INC provides comprehensive outdoor living consultancy for commercial, hospitality & residential market. Our team works with architects, interior designers, landscape professional and developers with a goal of helping create their vision.



ROSE PERRI & ASSOCIATES INC. have the outdoor collection and connections to assist with world sources outdoor furniture, shade solutions, custom made planters and architectural features from a portfolio of the highest quality manufacturers.



ROSE PERRI & ASSOCIATES INC. provides project management, procurement, logistic, installation and final delivery.

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